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Glau-Vue* Ophthalmic, Inc has developed a medical device, the Glau-Sert™, for the treatment of open angle glaucoma. The company believes that this groundbreaking discovery will be a major improvement over other existing treatments because it treats open angle glaucoma more efficiently and at lower cost to patients than pharmaceutical treatments or other conventional procedures. In addition, insurance companies and the government and other third party payors will benefit from a reduction in costs.

Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc is a registered C-Corporation in the state of Connecticut as a medical device company. It has applied for a US patent for an ophthalmic medical device under a 510K as the Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc process is sufficiently like other eye procedures previously approved by the FDA. While this approach requires some limited clinical data, it reduces the time and expense associated with a full FDA review.

Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc System
The Glau-Sert is a patented medical device that is the result of more than 10 years of research, design, redesign and re-engineering. Initial studies show promising results for the treatment of open angle glaucoma. Unlike invasive implants, the Glau-Sert attaches to the wall of the eye (sclera). The implant procedure is noninvasive, completely reversible and can be performed in 30 minutes in an outpatient surgical setting and under a local anesthetic.

*510K and patent pending
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